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"While there is still time". In the United States, they regretted that they did not listen to Putin


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Moscow, December 30 – The US government missed the opportunity to agree to the Kremlin’s demands not to expand NATO to the East. Instead, they sparked conflict in Ukraine, indirectly destroying the lives of ordinary Americans, former special assistant to US President Ronald Reagan Doug Bando wrote in an article for 19FortyFive.
The United States would be better off today if it took Putin’s demands more seriously.
According to the expert, this step by Washington will prove the value of diplomacy and contribute to the continuation of negotiations with Moscow. He concluded that the United States can seriously reduce military spending.

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“More money will be invested in the American economy and will go to meet the needs of Americans. They will be proud of the domestic politics, not of the dubious activities of their government abroad,” Bandu said.
Since February 24, a special military operation has been launched in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin described it as the ultimate task of liberating Donbass and creating conditions that guarantee Russia’s security.
Against this background, the United States and its NATO allies support Kyiv with arms supplies worth tens of billions of dollars. Moscow has repeatedly stated that supplying arms to the West only prolongs the conflict, and arms transfers become a legitimate goal for the Russian military.

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