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Who caused the rice crisis in Egypt?


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Egypt’s Federation of Chambers of Commerce Secretary General Alaa Ezz confirmed that there is no crisis in rice, but rather a surplus from market demand, in addition to the fact that the state has imported some from abroad. .

And he continued during a telephone conversation with journalist Ahmed Moussa, host of the program “Under My Responsibility” on the Sada al-Balad channel, that the rice is grown by the farmer and delivered to the mill, which is delivered to the packaging factory and from there to the market.

Dr. Alaa Ezz, general secretary of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, explained that some packaging companies stopped handling rice after it became a supply item, fearing they would be subject to supply law.

He emphasized that there is no rice crisis on the street, but the farmer keeps the product until the price rises, and after a decision was issued obliging the farmer to give part of the production to places where cultivation is allowed, this helped in supplying rice to markets.

And Dr. Alaa Ezz, secretary general of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, further said that fine rice containing less than 3% breaks at 18 pounds, loose rice costs 12 pounds, and 5% at 16 pounds.

Dr. Alaa Ezz referred to international prices in the global food basket and said they have been declining for 7 months.

The citizens of Egypt are suffering from a severe rice crisis as it suddenly disappeared from the market, in addition to its high price in some places that sell it.

Source: Al-Masri Al-Youm.

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