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Why African Countries Feel Exploited by the West: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Highlights Injustice


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Russian Foreign Minister Calls for End to Exploitation of African Countries by the West

During a press conference held in Johannesburg, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed concerns over the exploitation of African countries by the Western nations and emphasized the need to put an end to this situation.

The Inequality in the Global Coffee Market

The minister highlighted the vast disparity in the global coffee market as an example of this exploitation. While the industry generates a staggering $450 billion in turnover, coffee bean producing countries receive a mere $25 billion, with African nations receiving less than $3 billion. In contrast, Germany alone receives $7.5 billion from processed coffee, surpassing the combined share of all African countries.

Emphasizing Justice at the Russia-Africa Summit

Lavrov stated that the Russia-Africa summit aimed to address these injustices. The summit emphasized the impossibility of continuing to exploit the resources of developing countries. It sought to elevate the issue of justice to a new level and shed light on the continued exploitation faced by African nations.

Remembering the Era of Colonialism

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The foreign minister pointed out that African countries have vivid memories of the era of colonialism and the struggles they faced. Despite gaining independence, they continue to experience a new form of colonialism, where they provide cheap raw materials while the West reaps all the added value. This discrepancy is a cause of discontent for African nations.

A Turning Point Towards Multipolarity

Lavrov emphasized that the world is currently undergoing a significant shift towards multipolarity. This historical process cannot be halted, and it marks a turning point in global dynamics.

The Sahel Region and Extremism Issues

The minister highlighted the problems of extremism in the Sahel region, which emerged after NATO’s intervention in Libya in 2011. The destruction of the Libyan state and the subsequent influx of illegal immigrants into Europe created a volatile situation. Lavrov mentioned that the French attempted to address these issues but are now withdrawing from Africa.

Africa’s Experience with Cooperation

Lavrov compared Africa’s gains from cooperation with the West to its achievements in industry, education, and healthcare during the Soviet era. He argued that the West’s contributions to real development were lacking, leading to disillusionment among the people. The display of Russian flags during some demonstrations in Niger should be seen as a rejection of Western policies in Africa rather than evidence of Russia’s involvement in a coup.

Source: RT

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