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Why Becoming a Twitch Partner is Difficult for Everyone, Including the CEO!


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Difficult to become a Twitch Partner, for everyone…even the big boss!

The world of streaming on Twitch is more competitive than ever and even the CEO of the platform, Daniel Clancy, experienced it first hand. The CEO of Twitch, who streams on the platform in his spare time, revealed on Twitter/X that he had submitted a secret application to the Twitch Partner Program, but it was rejected. To be admitted to the Twitch Partner Program, streamers must meet several strict criteria, including an average of around 75 viewers per broadcast, excluding views from hosting, raids, first page or integrations. Clancy’s candidacy was rightly rejected because the attendance of his streams was too fluctuating.

A Partner Program too difficult to reach?

This rejection recalls the challenges many streamers face when aspiring to become Partners on Twitch. Streamers who are not CEO of a multinational, and often have more need of the income that could result from it. Even though we can regularly hear criticism on this subject, the Partner Program is still quite strict. And for good reason, it offers Streamer-exclusive benefits, such as monetization opportunities, channel customization, expanded VOD storage, and priority support. The requirement for a constant and high attendance makes accessing the Partner Program difficult, even for established streamers. This is, among other things, what pushes a very large number of them to stream every day of the year or almost.

It’s not humans who decide?

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The rejection of the CEO’s candidacy sparked amused reactions from many Internet users, because it is funny to say the least. We also saw some encouraging reactions to push Dan Clancy to persevere, because one day, he will have his partnership! Above all, for some, it may have proven one thing. One thing Twitch – like most social platforms – wouldn’t easily admit: that many things, and in particular the Partner Program, are not managed by humans, but robots. Indeed, a robot does not differentiate between Dan Clancy or another streamer, but judges them all the same way. A human on the other hand… One wonders if a Twitch employee had had to evaluate Dan Clancy’s Partner Program application, would he have validated it? even if it did not completely meet the required criteria?

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