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Why You Shouldn’t Treat a Boil on Your Eye by Yourself: Expert Advice


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The Dangers of Treating a Boil on the Eye by Yourself

The eye is a sensitive organ that is exposed to the external environment. As the body’s immunity weakens, particularly during the fall season, the eyes become susceptible to infections, resulting in the formation of a boil.

Why Self-Treatment is Not Recommended

Dr. Dmitry Dementyev, an ophthalmology and surgery specialist, advises against attempting to treat a boil on your own. Boils, also known as barley, are caused by a staphylococcal infection that affects the hair follicles of the eyelashes or sebaceous glands. The staphylococcal bacteria naturally reside on the skin and hair, but they pose a threat only when the immune system is weakened.

While some people try to alleviate the symptoms by applying warm chamomile tea bags to the affected area, Dr. Dementyev warns against this practice. Warming the eyes can actually intensify the inflammation and worsen the condition.

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The Risks of Piercing a Boil

Piercing a boil is strongly discouraged due to the potential risks associated with it. The eyelids contain an extensive network of blood vessels, making any errors during the piercing process extremely dangerous. The consequences of a mistake can include:

  1. Blood poisoning: This can lead to severe infection and even death.
  2. Orbital phlegmon: A serious disease characterized by intense pain and requiring complex surgery.
  3. Vein thrombosis of the eye: Poor blood circulation can result in vision loss.
  4. Purulent conjunctivitis: Inflammation of the eye’s mucous membrane can cause damage to the cornea.
  5. Meningitis: If the infection is caused by meningococcus rather than staphylococcus, it can lead to this life-threatening condition.

Seeking Professional Help

If you notice a boil on your eye, it is crucial to consult a medical specialist rather than attempting to treat it yourself. They will be able to provide appropriate treatment and ensure your safety.

Source: Vesti.RU

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