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Wildlight is The Name of a New Studio That was Founded by Developers from Both APEX and COD


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Recently, it was revealed that Wildlight Entertainment, a new player on the market, will be adding yet another rival to Call of Duty. A brand-new studio working on something interesting has been formed by some of the former creative and technical minds that have worked on Call of Duty, Titanfall, and Apex.

Wildlight is the name of a new studio that was founded by developers from both APEX and COD_

This is probably done to break up the tiny group of first-person games with the monopoly, arguably led by Call of Duty. It’s a goal that Dr. Disrespect had in mind when he began working on Deadrop with his company, Midnight Society. Still, given how he went about marketing the game, it might be challenging.

Can Wildlight Entertainment create anything that will revolutionize the market?

The lineup for Wildlight Entertainment is already prestigious and filled with A-list celebrities, with a seriously unique name and slick logo. According to the information posted on Twitter, Chad Grenier, who served as the impetus for Respawn Entertainment’s establishment and the creator of Apex Legends from 2019 to 2021, formed the studio.

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Jason McCord, David Osei, and Rodney Reece, all former Apex employees, round up the ranks behind Chad Grenier. Together with these former Call of Duty developers, the studio has added Mohammad Alavi, who will serve as its lead designer. No Russian (MW2, 2009) and All Ghillied Up, two of the most recognizable sequences in Call of Duty history, were previously created by Alavi (COD 4, 2007).

Wildlight claims it has been quietly working on a brand-new IP for “some time” and already has something in the works. Nevertheless, other than the assertion that it will be an “epic shooter,” little else has been stated about the subject.

The crew is already quite large and is based in Seattle, Washington, and Woodland Hills, California. To increase its footprint, it is currently hiring.

We should wait and watch what Wildlight can generate during this fascinating moment.

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