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Will House of the Dragon Season 2 Include Undead Creatures? Speculations arise from a Filming Photograph


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Will there be “undead” in House of the Dragon Season 2?

There is some speculation among fans about the presence of “undead” creatures in House of the Dragon Season 2, prompted by the sharing of a filming photograph. The photo, taken in a make-up room, shows a sign with the word in question and various accompanying photos. According to the media on September 8, 2023, it is possible that this sign is simply for reference in creating the appearance of decomposed bodies and faces of regular dead people. It is important to note that, during the time in which the story of House of the Dragon takes place, there are not supposed to be any undead creatures present.

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A photo that sows doubt

House of the Dragon is set more than 150 years before the events of Game of Thrones, during the decline of House Targaryen. At this point in time, the concept of “undead” creatures is not relevant or acknowledged. These creatures, known as White Walkers or Others, emerge much later and pose a significant threat to characters such as Jon Snow and his companions. During the events of House of the Dragon, the White Walkers and their kind are dormant, and no one believes them to be real.

Therefore, the presence of the word “undead” in the filming photograph raises some confusion. As mentioned earlier, it is possible that this is simply a reference panel to help makeup artists recreate the impressive effects seen in Game of Thrones. Alternatively, there could be a flashback scene to depict the events of the Long Night when the White Walkers first appeared, but this seems unlikely. Regardless, it has been revealed through photos and filming videos that the Night’s Watch, who serve as the first line of defense against these monsters, will be present in House of the Dragon, as well as the iconic Wall. Despite the supposed absence of undead creatures, certain elements suggest a connection. The second season of House of the Dragon is expected to air next year on HBO Max (and subsequently on Amazon Prime in France).

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