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Will Ronaldo’s display of humility towards Al Hilal fans jeopardize his future in Saudi Arabia?


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Al Hilal fans chanted “Messi… Messi” as a kind of provocation against Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo during the match his team lost to Al Hilal on Tuesday in the Saudi Arabian League.

Al-Hilal were defeated by Al-Nasr with two free goals in a match that took place between them in the 25th round of the Roshen Professional League competition.

But what came as a surprise was Ronaldo’s “immoral” response to Al Hilal fans after the end of the Riyadh derby due to the “Messi” chant.

Ronaldo didn’t perform as expected in the Riyadh derby as he didn’t score or assist.

As Ronaldo left the pitch, Al Hilal club fans chanted “Messi… Messi” in the stands in an attempt to piss him off after the match.

Ronaldo’s reaction did not go well after the crowd picked up the player’s move, met with a wave of anger on the social network Twitter.

#Hilal _ Victory

I don’t follow sports

Even if the public provoked Al-Hilal #ronaldo
He didn’t answer them.

behavior from #ronaldo considered a crime
Public indecent act, which is one of the mandatory crimes
For arrest and expulsion (expulsion), if committed by a foreigner


We will file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office about this.

– prof. Nouf Bint Ahmed (@NoufPoet) April 18, 2023

Followers have criticized Ronaldo’s move, with some pointing out that he first insulted his history, his importance as a professional player, the country he resides in and the virtuous days that Muslims enjoy at the end of Ramadan.

Twitter brought up a similar case with Al-Hasan Keita, a professional, Al-Ittihad, 14 years ago, when he was expelled and clubs could not sign him for immoral behavior, using his hands in immoral movements, in addition to his spitting towards the second assistant referee in the final match of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Champions between Al Ittihad and Al Shabaab at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh.

Some are asking if he will apply the same decision to Ronald out of concern for the Saudi League’s reputation.

Cristiano Ronaldo fights Cuellar.

– Gorgeous (@gorgeous4ew) April 18, 2023

The match also saw Ronaldo interfere with Al Hilal’s second-team player Gustavo Cuellar, and the referee was “merciful” to Ronaldo if he was content to only give him a yellow card instead of a red one after the interference.

Source: RT

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