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Will the pyramids hold up? .. Sources told RT about the movement in Egypt after the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria


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The recurrence of earthquakes and tremors following earthquakes in Syria and Turkey has raised concerns about ancient Egyptian monuments such as the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx after the destruction of the citadel of Aleppo in Syria and Gaziantep in Turkey.

Sources at the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities confirmed to RT that special attention is being paid to protecting Egyptian antiquities from any earthquake, especially after some earthquakes have been felt recently.

Sources indicated that Egypt’s announcement of the results of the “Pyramid Dwellers” pyramid research project will greatly help in protecting Egyptian antiquities from earthquakes, especially since Egypt has been hit by many earthquakes in the past, but the pyramids were not damaged. referring to the 1992 earthquake, during which Islamic antiquities were damaged and the pyramids and ancient monuments of the pharaohs were not damaged.

Sources confirmed that the Pyramid Research Project is one of the important projects the ministry has been working on since 2015 in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University and the Institute for Heritage Conservation and Innovation in Paris (HIP).

She pointed out that the study is the latest technology in the field of scanning, which is a technique of radiographic imaging of muons, cosmic particles, thermal imaging using infrared rays, photogrammetry, scanning and 3D reconstruction, in order to penetrate into the very heart of the largest Egyptian pyramids without excavation.

The sources noted that this major scientific project will help to learn a lot about Egyptian antiquities and how to protect them, highlighting the importance of modern practical means of protecting ancient Egyptian antiquities.

Source: RT

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