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Will Trent Season 2: Cast, Release Date, and Plot Updates


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Will Trent Season 2: Exciting Updates and Cast Details

Will Trent’s primary role is being played by the renowned actor Ramón Rodrguez, so it’s not hard to see why people are falling in love with this person. The drama, adapted from the best-selling novels written by Karin Slaughter, whisks us away on an exciting journey with each new episode as Trent unravels complex riddles. The main character is a Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. Despite having dyslexia, he has an extraordinary ability to memorize facts and imagine how scenarios play out in real life. The character’s name is “Title Character.” Even while the main character, a private investigator, is a joy to watch, the supporting cast propels this show to new heights. It ensures it will succeed when it debuts in January 2023. This includes his on-again, off-again girlfriend Angie Polaski, a vice detective, and his dog Betty, an attractive Chihuahua that steals the show with her presence. The second season of the ABC comedy will premiere later this year after the first season was very well received. However, as long as the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes continue, it will likely be some time before we see Will Trent back on our television screens. While we wait, here is all we know about the upcoming second season of Will Trent.

‘Will Trent’ Season 2 Cast

  • Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent
  • Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski
  • Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell
  • Jake McLaughlin as Michael Ormewood
  • Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner
  • Deion Smith as Jeremy Mitchell
  • Todd Allen Durkin as Captain Heller
  • Cora Lu Tran as Nico
  • Kurt Yue as Pete Chin
  • Kevin Daniels as Franklin
  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Paul Campano
  • LisaGay Hamilton as Evelyn Mitchell
  • French Stewart as Lenny Broussard
  • Cedrick Cooper as Officer Wirth
  • Isaiah Stratton as Officer O’Hara
  • Chapel Oaks as Crystal
  • Brittany Wilkerson as Diane
  • Jennifer Morrison as Abigail Campano

What is the Release Date of ‘Will Trent’ Season 2?

'Will Trent' Season 2_

On April 18th, 2023, the show was renewed for a second season, two weeks before the writers’ strike began; as a result, the production of the second season would be delayed. Don’t let that get to you, though. We will update this page with the new release date as soon as we find out when it will be available. Will Trent is an ABC original, meaning the network will serve as the primary home of Season 2 throughout its initial run. In other words, if you want to see the show, you must tune in to ABC. Additionally, you can watch it on Hulu, where you can get caught up on all of the episodes from the first season right now.

Who are the Creators of Will Trent?

'Will Trent' Season 2_

Daniel T. Thomsen is an American television writer and producer. He is well-known for his work on the science-fiction series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which airs on FOX, and the drama series Westworld, which airs on HBO. He is also the co-showrunner of the drama series Will Trent, which airs on ABC.

Karin Slaughter is a well-known crime writer in the United States. She is the author of 21 books, which have been printed in over 120 countries and sold in excess of 40 million copies. Her first novel, Blindsighted (2001), was released in 27 different languages and was a finalist for the Dagger Award given by the Crime Writers’ Association in the “Best Thriller Debut” category in 2001. Additionally, the novel Cop Town Slaughter wrote was awarded the 2015 CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award. Pieces of Her, the author’s novel published in 2018, was turned into an eight-episode television series with the same name made available on Netflix in March 2022.

Elizabeth Heldens is a member of the television industry and works as a writer and producer. She is the brains behind the NBC drama Deception, which made its debut on January 7th, 2013, and was created by her. Her credits include the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights, where she had a role. The work that she did on the first season of Friday Night Lights earned her a nomination for a Writers Guild of America Award in the category of Best New Series at the ceremony that took place in February 2007. Her work on the second season of Friday Night Lights earned her a nomination for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Dramatic Series at the event held in February 2008, which was the following year. For her work on the third season of Friday Night Lights, Heldens was once again recognized with a nomination for the Best Dramatic Series award during the event in February 2009. At the event held in February 2010, in recognition of her efforts in the fourth season, she was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Drama Series for the third year. Selfish Mermaid is the name of her producing company. Other television shows that Helden has been on include Boston Public, Pepper Dennis, North Shore, The Orville, The Dropout, Bionic Woman, and her creation, Mercy.

Is There a Trailer for Will Trent Season 2?

Currently waiting. When they have finished filming the season, an exciting trailer will undoubtedly be released. Be sure to bookmark this page so you don’t miss any significant updates; in the meantime, to get used to the program,

What is the Plot of ‘Will Trent’ Season 2?

'Will Trent' Season 2_

Will Trent is a police procedural at its core, yet it is still too early for the storylines to be revealed for season 2. Take a look at the definitive plot summary for the entire series here:

Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) was abandoned in infancy and endured a difficult coming of age in Atlanta’s overburdened foster care system. This story is based on the Will Trent series written by Karin Slaughter, which has been a New York Times bestseller. But now, Will Trent has the highest clearance rate in the GBI, and he is determined to use his unique perspective to make sure that no one else is abandoned the way he did.

The development of Will and Angie’s relationship will be the primary emphasis of the following season. Will she be able to ward off Will’s advances like she did in the first season, and more importantly, will she be able to move around? The season’s finale leaves us with more questions than answers regarding her physical state. Will, on the other hand, is going to be looking into the matter of who his mother is while he isn’t preoccupied with Angie. Even though she has already died away, his job as an investigator requires him to spend a lot of time getting to know her family and friends. He is now in possession of her name and a picture. When James Ulster dropped hints that her family, particularly her older brother, was extremely noisy and raucous, he planted the seed for a potential storyline that would be developed further in Season 2.

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