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Wind River: The Next Chapter – Release Date, Cast, and Plot Revealed


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Wind River: The Next Chapter – A Sequel to the Neo-Western Crime Thriller

Before Yellowstone became the crowning glory of his career, Taylor Sheridan made his genuine directorial debut with the film Wind River in 2017, which he wrote and directed. Wind River: The Next Chapter is the name given to the upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed movie released six years ago. The neo-Western criminal thriller released in 2017 tells the story of a tracker for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and an FBI agent who investigates the murder of a youngster on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming is a masterpiece. Even though Sheridan is not engaged with the production, the upcoming movie continues the work he had previously created. It returns to the same reservation, located in Wyoming’s freezing and desolate backcountry. Wind River: The Next Chapter is a film directed by Kari Skogland and written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman. This film explores a new chapter of crimes and gruesome deaths in the reservation, where Chip Hanson, who appeared in the first film, returns as a newly appointed tracker/hunter and assists the FBI in investigating a series of ritualistic killings that have taken place on his home ground.

Wind River immediately became a fan favorite upon its release in 2017, and it ended up being the sixth highest-grossing independent picture of that year. Sheridan won an award at the 2017 Cannes Picture Festival and was nominated for numerous other awards for her performance in the crime thriller picture. The film received critical accolades for its compelling narrative and outstanding cast performance. Sheridan, who had previously been nominated for an Academy Award for his work as a screenwriter, made the transition to directing with the creation of this neo-Western crime film as the third installment of a film trilogy that would tell the stories of “the modern-day American frontier.” The trilogy began with Sicario in 2015, continued with Hell or High Water in 2016, and concluded with Wind River. Even though none of these movies share a common narrative or cast of characters, they can be viewed as a thematic series because they are all concerned with the shadowy and dangerous outback of the country. However, the future chapter of Wind River serves as a direct sequel to the movie released in 2017. Even if the movie’s conclusion did not necessarily call for a sequel, the fact that one was made is more of a testimony to the foundation that Sheridan created in the original. In the sequel, two important characters from the first movie return with a new arc and pick up bits of the previous horror to dig deeper into a new conspiracy. You may pass the time until the movie is released this year by reading our comprehensive guide to Wind River: The Next Chapter, which includes information about the story, characters, cast, and release date of the movie, as well as anything else we know about it.

Wind River: The Next Chapter Cast

  • Jason Clarke
  • Alan Ruck
  • Scott Eastwood
  • Martin Sensmeier as Chip Hanson
  • Gil Birmingham as Martin
  • Chaske Spencer
  • Tatanka Means
  • Kali Reis
  • Joshua Odjick as Danny Grey
  • Phillip Forest Lewitski as Kai Burning Grass(as Phillip Lewitski)
  • Faith Louissaint
  • Jeremy Warner as FBI Agent(voice)
  • Anna Primiani as Woman
  • Isaac Arellanes as Carter Red Bow
  • Alexis Victoria Bloom as Vera Nesbit
  • Gordon Rix as Victim Harold Thomas

What is the Release Date of Wind River: The Next Chapter?

Since filming will wrap up in April 2023, we may anticipate that Wind River: The Next Chapter will enter theaters later this year or at the beginning of the next year.

Who is the Director of Wind River: The Next Chapter?

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Kari Skogland is a director who hails from Canada. She co-founded the independent production company Mad Rabbit, established in 2016. Her most recent work may be seen in the television series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, produced by Marvel Studios. In 2021, it was revealed that Skogland would take over for Patty Jenkins as the director of the upcoming Cleopatra biopic featuring Gal Gadot. However, Jenkins will continue to serve as producer for the movie. Skogland became attached to the project Wind River: The Next Chapter in November 2022.

Is There a Wind River: The Next Chapter Trailer?

Even though there is not yet a trailer or teaser for Wind River: The Next Chapter, we anticipate seeing some promotion for the movie at some point in the future because filming for it has concluded.

What is the Plot of Wind River: The Next Chapter?

'Wind River The Next Chapte r'_

The first movie’s events are picked up a few years later in the sequel that is now under production. According to the plot summary,

“In Wind River: The Next Chapter, the amount of fear in the community has increased due to a string of ritualistic homicides that have not been solved. On the heels of his appearance in Wind River, Chip Hanson (Sensmeier), a newly minted tracker for the United States Fish and Game, becomes engaged in a desperate and hazardous conflict between the authorities, a vigilante, and the tribe he considers home. The FBI enlists the assistance of Chip Hanson, who Sensmeier plays. The fight is between the government, the vigilante, and the reserve.

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