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Woody Harrelson’s Monologue on Saturday Night Live on COVID Causes Controversy, And Elon Musk Admits that Harrelson Was Well on Target


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The backlash online has been generated by Woody Harrelson’s opening monologue on “Saturday Night Live,” He alluded to the COVID-19 epidemic and the cooperation between the medical community and the government to promote vaccines. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, also added to the conversation.

Woody Harrelson's Monologue on Saturday Night Live on COVID Causes Controversy And Elon Musk Admits that Harrelson Was Well on Target_

In the final episode, Harrelson discusses a pitch for a movie with one of the “craziest scripts” he had ever seen, one in which the “greatest drug gangs” were compelled to detain individuals in their homes until they consented to take and continue taking their narcotics.

Therefore, the actor said, “The movie goes like this.” “The largest drug cartels in the world get together, buy up every politician and member of the media, and order everyone to remain confined to their houses. And only by repeatedly abusing the cartel’s drugs will people be able to escape.”

Then Harrelson joked: “I trashed the script. Who was going to buy that ridiculous theory, after all? compelled to use drugs? All day, I voluntarily perform that “.

The media widely reported comments, which labeled them “anti-vax” or “vax conspiracies.”

Several social media users joined the discussion, many of whom agreed with the actor. Musk then added his two cents.


Woody Harrelson's Monologue on Saturday Night Live on COVID Causes Controversy And Elon Musk Admits that Harrelson Was Well on Targe t_

“As based. Good work, “Musk answered.

Musk asserted in a subsequent tweet that the remarks were accurate and representative of American society in recent years.

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Musk remarked, “Maybe they [media outlets] don’t comprehend that their propaganda is inaccurate,” in response to a Twitter user who advised users to “be ready for the meltdowns.”

Musk also posted a Babylon Bee article on Saturday on the 26% of Americans who “still believe the media.”

In his introductory monologue, Harrelson discussed political polarisation and self-identified as a “redneck hippy.”

He remarked, “You know, the red in me thinks you should be able to own guns. “My inner blue considers squirt guns. I, therefore, make purple because I am red and blue. I am purple.”

He also joked about consuming marijuana and why he likes it better than drinking beer.

He claimed that he preferred herb over alcohol since it made him feel good, didn’t give him a headache, and didn’t cause him to wake up covered in blood.

It was Harrelson’s seventh time hosting “SNL,” which, like many businesses throughout the nation, adhered to strict COVID-related health safety guidelines at a time when authorities were enforcing lockdowns.

Later in the program, Scarlett Johansson presented a five-timers club jacket to Harrelson.

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