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World-changing Technological Revolution Predicted by Tech Expert


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The widespread use of artificial intelligence can create many problems for humanity. Although artificial intelligence is invisible to many, it is taking an increasing place in various areas of human activity.

According to Roman Dushkin, a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has become the source and driving force of a new technological revolution.

He says: “For decades I have been doing research in the field of artificial intelligence and I believe that we are now at the epicenter of a new technological revolution. This is not the noise that has risen with the launch of new generative models of artificial intelligence. intelligence. This is really a revolution that will undermine and has already begun to undermine existing social relations. Not only social, but also various relations that exist in society in the course of the current technological system. And we, people, must be ready to quickly adapt to new conditions of life ” .

For his part, the writer and philosopher Viktor Marakhovsky notes that if artificial intelligence begins to deprive people of work in the future, then there is nothing to regret.

He says: “Regardless of what they say about artificial intelligence and that it will not bring anything good to humanity, I personally want artificial intelligence in all its manifestations to show everything that it is capable of. Because one of the problems of civilization in reality, especially during the last two centuries, is the emergence of a class of people who work “Basically, these are bad robots, they do their mathematical tasks badly and deprive the robots of their main mission. Robots. After that, people have to think about the meaning, purpose and the importance of life, and that, of course, will be the task of those who survive.”

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