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Worldcoin’s Global Identity Protocol, World ID, Attracts Over 200,000 Verified Users in Chile


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The Worldcoin Digital Identity Project Gains Traction in Chile

The Worldcoin digital identity project has garnered significant attention in Chile since its launch in July 2023, with over 200,000 verified users.

Impressive Adoption Rate in Chile

In a recent blog post, Worldcoin announced that more than 200,000 Chileans have signed up for its global identity protocol, World ID. This number represents over 1% of the country’s population, which is approximately 19.5 million people.

Expanding Operations in Chile

To meet the growing demand, Worldcoin has started new operations in the cities of Vina del Mar and Concepcion, thanks to its partnership with Tools for Humanity (TFH).

Worldcoin’s Success in South America

Worldcoin’s success in Chile is part of its larger global engagement and growing popularity in South America. During a fireside chat on the Ethereum Argentina Mainnet Stage, Worldcoin co-founder and TFH CEO Alex Plania praised Chile for its openness to innovative initiatives like Worldcoin.

“Chile is a very technologically advanced country, which makes it an explosive ground for the next wave of innovation in this space.”

Alex Plania, CEO of Tools for Humanity

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Worldcoin Faces Scrutiny Over Data Collection

While Worldcoin aims to create a global digital passport and distribute its native cryptocurrency, WLD, to people worldwide, it is currently facing scrutiny over its data collection practices in various countries.

Investigations in Argentina

The Argentine Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP) is investigating Worldcoin’s data collection practices in Argentina. The company is required to provide detailed information about its data processing policy to protect user privacy.

Activities Suspended in Kenya

Worldcoin’s activities are currently suspended in Kenya as the government investigates the legality of its biometrics and data collection methods. Before the suspension, approximately 635,000 Kenyans had downloaded the global app.

Data Protection Examination in France and Germany

Data regulators in France and Germany are collaborating to examine Worldcoin’s data collection techniques and ensure compliance with international data protection standards.

Despite these challenges, Worldcoin continues to expand its global reach and recently achieved a record in Argentina by onboarding 9,500 new users in just one day.

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