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Xavi comments on Dani Alves’ arrest on ‘sexual assault’ charges


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Barcelona head coach Javi Hernandez said he was shocked by the arrest of the Brazilian Dani Alves, the former star of the Catalan team, on charges of sexual harassment and rape.

The Barcelona City Police arrested Dani Alves after the judge’s decision to jail him, as he was transferred directly to the Brans 1 prison in Sant Esteve Cezerovers.

Xavi said during a press conference on the eve of the match against Getafe in response to Alves’ arrest: “It is difficult to comment on such a situation. I am very surprised and shocked.”

He continued: “It’s shocking because I know Alves. Now we are talking about justice, and justice will prevail under any circumstances.”

Javi Hernandez continued: “We can’t interfere at the moment, I’m sorry for Alves.”

Mexican team Pumas announced yesterday, Friday, the immediate termination of the contract with Dani Alves after accusations against him of assaulting a 23-year-old woman in a Barcelona nightclub on December 30 last year.

And the Spanish newspaper Marca reported that the court decided to arrest Dani Alves and put him in jail a few days after the initiation of the case, although no evidence against him has yet appeared.

She attributed the speed of Alves’ arrest to the fact that he had dual Spanish and Brazilian citizenship, in addition to his residency in Mexico, as well as his great financial ability, which allows him to manipulate the evidence in the case.

She pointed out that Elvis’ quick arrest is also due to the fact that he is of Brazilian origin and there are no extradition agreements between Spain and Brazil, allowing him to leave Spain as soon as possible without returning to it and without being subject to any punishment.

The newspaper confirmed that if Alves is found guilty after the police recovered DNA samples and fingerprints from both sides of the conflict at the crime scene, his sentence will be between 4 and 12 years, especially after the amendments to the Criminal Code. in Spain.

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