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Xbox Game Pass Expands Catalog with New Games and Exciting September Releases, Including Starfield


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Xbox Game Pass Adds New Games and Expands Catalog

The Xbox Game Pass continues to grow its catalog every month with exciting new additions for subscribers. This summer, players can look forward to discovering Everspace 2, Firewatch, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. On August 29, Sea of ​​Stars will also be joining the roster. But the real highlight comes on September 5, as the highly acclaimed independent game, Gris, makes its way to the PC and console catalog.

Gris is a beautiful platform game with stunning watercolor landscapes that tells the story of a young girl navigating a painful experience in her life. With each step, she gains new abilities through her robe, allowing her to better navigate her fading reality. The game has been rated 16/20 in our columns, receiving praise from both the press and the public.

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Exciting September Releases, Including Starfield

In September, the Xbox Game Pass will see the arrival of several highly anticipated releases. Starfield, available on September 6 for PC and consoles, is a particularly noteworthy addition. Players have the option to purchase the game physically on Xbox or digitally on Xbox and PC, or they can choose Game Pass for instant access.

Since Starfield is a Bethesda game and now part of Microsoft’s first-party games, it seamlessly integrates into the Xbox Game Pass catalog upon release. Those who have pre-ordered Starfield can already install the game and be ready to enjoy it as soon as it becomes available.

For those who haven’t tried Xbox Game Pass yet, there’s a special offer for just €1. This allows players to access the subscription and its games for two weeks, ensuring no time is wasted.

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