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Yandex’s Voice Assistant Alice on Track to Become Indistinguishable from Humans, Says Yandex Director


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Voice Assistant “Alice” from Yandex Becoming More Human-Like

Moscow, September 9 – Yandex’s voice assistant “Alice” is rapidly evolving and is expected to be indistinguishable from a real person in a few years, according to Dmitry Masyuk, director of the search and advertising technology business group at Yandex.

Advancements in Neural Networks

Masyuk believes that current top models of neural networks, including Yandex’s network, are already difficult to differentiate from humans in a chat. He highlights the impressive growth in the quality of responses from neural network models, stating that they can now support conversations on average topics better than humans.

Benefits and Reverence for Development

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Although the speed of development in neural networks may raise concerns, Masyuk expresses reverence rather than fear. He recognizes the risks involved but remains optimistic about the possibilities.

Yandex’s Latest Neural Network Models

In May, Yandex introduced YandexGPT, its next-generation neural network, to its virtual assistant “Alice.” This addition allows Alice to type texts and provide suggestions at a nearly human level. Within the first day of its launch, over a million people utilized this feature. In September, Yandex introduced another model, YandexGPT 2, which can solve more complex problems and provide more accurate responses to user inquiries.

The Alan Turing Test

The Alan Turing test was created to evaluate the level of artificial intelligence compared to human intelligence. It involves a person engaging in a conversation with both another person and a computer program, solely through text. The success of the test is determined if the computer program can deceive at least 30% of the interviewers into believing it is a human.

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