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Yuta Misaki Regrets $29 Million Cryptocurrency Loss


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Japanese entrepreneur and influencer, Yuta Misaki, shared his story of losing $29 million in cryptocurrency investments, warning his followers to tread carefully in the volatile crypto markets.

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Yuta Misaki, the 31-year-old Japanese entrepreneur and social media influencer known as “The Green Juice Prince,” has shared his cautionary tale about investing in cryptocurrency. In a YouTube video posted on March 1, Misaki revealed that he lost $29 million in crypto investments after buying bitcoin at the peak of the market.

He called the investment a “bet” that went wrong and referred to it on Twitter as the “gamble of the century”.

Yuuta Misaki: Big hit

Misaki built his fortune by marketing ojiru juice, which was enjoyed by older Japanese, as a nutritional aid to young women. He has a large following on social media, with nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

Misaki admitted that he recently made a profit of several hundred million yen with an initial coin purchase. However, he followed this up with a more extensive and ultimately failed attempt to turn a profit in the market.

He invested around $9.6 million in crypto, but his portfolio has now shrunk to just $2.2 million. Misaki described the experience as having left him “tired” and “nausea” and claimed it severely depleted his funds.

Despite the loss, Misaki still holds positions in cryptocurrencies and hopes for a turnaround should the market recover to 2021 levels. His cautionary narrative won sympathy from followers who also experienced losses in the cryptocurrency markets.

Some have urged him to leave the crypto markets for good and focus on getting back into the business world. Misaki’s company, Media Hearts, was hugely profitable in the early 2010s, but suffered an unexpected blow in 2019 when tax authorities raided the company on suspicion of tax evasion.

It was revealed that Misaki had evaded $1.63 million in taxes, and was subsequently caught with two company executives. He recently released a bestselling book chronicling his rise to fame and fortune.

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