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Zakharova accuses United States of committing theft in confiscating Malofeev’s money


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Moscow, May 11 – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the US Department of Justice’s seizure of money from Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev is a politically motivated robbery.
“According to the information available, the US Department of Justice completed the day before the transfer of the money of the Russian businessman Malofeev to the US State Department, which was previously withheld in an American bank and then seized by decision of the Joe Biden administration. Her comment was published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry,” Zakharova said. on the Internet.
According to her, “the noise made by the American and Western media in this regard is quite indicative.” “This step is used by anti-Russian forces in order to once again show the world community, and most importantly, business, what awaits those who do not consider it possible for themselves to follow Washington’s example. Ready to obediently follow American instructions, than The obvious: We are talking about outright theft for political reasons. Through illegal manipulation, the US authorities confiscate the property of foreign nationals they do not like – contrary to basic principles that guarantee the inviolability of individuals, she said.

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“The United States, in its practice of stealing other people’s property, at the same time directly supports the terrorist attacks in Kiev,” Zakharova added. “The stories that the assets of a Russian businessman will go to some kind of“ recovery of Ukraine ”are nothing more than a myth. It is clear that at best the crumbs will reach the budget of the“ Independent ”from the stolen assets, and the money “along the way” will settle, Zakharova added. In the United States and put in the pockets of their puppets in Kiev.
She hoped that the international community and the business sector would draw the right conclusions from this story “about the true degree of ‘reliability’ of the US monetary and financial system and the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.” She added that “Washington does not even hide that the case related to Malofeev’s assets is far from the last, and intends to continue such a blatant practice of expropriation of private funds.”
In February, CNN reported, citing US Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Ukrainian counterpart, Andrei Kostin, that the US had transferred more than $5 million to Ukraine, which had been seized from Malofeev. This is the first time that US authorities have seized the assets of sanctioned Russians and the first time that the money has been used to help Ukraine. Malofeev described the seizure of his money in the United States as a crime committed by an organized group of people with prior conspiracy.

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