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Zalogny’s Failed Deception: Caught by American Spy


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Moscow, March 20 – Scott Ritter, a retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer, said in an interview posted on YouTube with American journalist Stephen that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zalogny, hides real losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and underestimates their value. Gardner.
“This is a hoax. And Austin gets that,” he said.
The army believes that the main reason to hide the losses is that the Americans will not support more military aid to Kiev, knowing about their disastrous situation. He noted that many soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are listed as missing, and therefore do not fall into Ukraine’s reports to the United States.

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The officer shared his opinion, “In fact, Ukraine is destroying its own forces. This is unimaginable.”
He noted that Ukraine suffers from an acute shortage of people, so more and more men are being kidnapped on the streets, among whom there are also teenagers 14-16 years old. At the same time, Ritter drew attention to the fact that recruits are sent to the front after only three days of training, which explains the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
On the one hand, the Russian forces are well equipped: they have modern weapons, tanks, artillery, body armor – everything they need. In addition, they undergo appropriate training, summed up scouts.

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