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Zamalek’s Dignity and Fans’ Respect: The 3 Sacrifices I Made as Mortada Mansour


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Egyptian Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour returned on Thursday evening to the club’s headquarters in Mit Okba and spoke about the reasons for his month-long jail sentence for insulting and slandering Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the Al-Ahla club.

Mortada Mansour thanked the fans, staff and workers of the club, reiterating what he said about the 3 things he bargained for to avoid going to jail.

Mortada Mansour said on the sidelines of his return to the Zamalek Club: “I gave up 3 things, the first one is to pay the electricity fine in installments and I said “over my dead body” because it is not my money, but money. club and members of the General Assembly. The second is forgetting the question of the Club of the Century, and I asked to re-raise the banners. My apologies”.

He added: “I say to the members of the General Assembly and the masses, please note that everything has flared up since I said that Zamalek is the club of the century with championships. I was isolated and imprisoned and I haven’t changed, so I’m still the same.”

He explained: “There has been talk of a reconciliation initiative between two big clubs (Zamalek and Al Ahly) which includes my apology. I myself, as the chairman of the board of directors of Zamalek, apologize in what capacity? In my capacity as president of Zamalek. I am the representative of the members of the General Assembly. (General Assembly) participates.”

And President Zamaleka revealed: “My response to that was: His Excellency the Honorable Minister, unfortunately I read your letter right away. I will not say this in a TV interview, or on my own, and over my dead body, even if it cost me my life.” or freedom. I will not apologize and will not speak on this topic again, and this is my word. “Last. The question has gone too far, and my history does not allow me to make this insulting apology.”

He continued: “I sacrificed my freedom for the dignity of the club, its members and fans. I haven’t done anything wrong to anyone, and yet I don’t want to talk about it.”

And he continued: “The president of the club provided everything. There is not a single player to whom Zamalek owes a single pound. From my prison, I was ordered to pay the dues of all the players.”

Mortada Mansour concluded his speech by addressing the members: “I, like Mortada Mansour, apologize? There is no problem with that, but as the President of the Zamalek Club, do you accept the apology to the President of the Al Ahly Club?”

Last Sunday, Mortada Mansour was released from prison after serving a month’s jail sentence on charges of insulting and slandering Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the Al-Ahly club.

Mortada Mansour first became president of the Zamalek Club in 2005 and the board of directors was completely dissolved before returning again to the presidency of Zamalek in 2014.

Mortada Mansour’s board of directors completed his presidential term and assumed the duties of club president for another term in 2018, but the board was dissolved due to financial irregularities, but returned by court order in 2020 before his term expired.

Mortada Mansour became President of Zamalek in his current term, from 2022 to present.

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