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Zelensky admitted that the supply of Western tanks would not change the situation


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Moscow, January 23 – Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with ARD that the delivery of dozens of Western tanks to Ukraine is not able to fundamentally change the situation.
In his opinion, the supply of Western military equipment is aimed at “motivating” the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The Kyiv authorities have been asking for several months to allocate armored vehicles for offensive operations. The UK promised Ukraine the Challenger 2, while Washington said it saw no point in delivering the Abrams.
As Vladimir Putin has repeatedly emphasized, Russia has never refused to negotiate with Ukraine, but the Kyiv authorities prevented it from doing so. According to the president, Moscow does not seek to move the flywheel of the Ukrainian conflict, but rather to end it. At the same time, Western countries are increasingly talking about the need to continue hostilities, pump Ukraine with weapons and train APU militants on its territory.
For its part, the Kremlin has repeatedly stated that the supply of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict and does not bode well for Ukraine, and the transfer of weapons becomes a legitimate goal of the Russian military.

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