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Zelensky Faced Backlash for His Remarks on Russia


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Moscow, March 4 – users Twitter He condemned the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who promised to hold Russia accountable for its “aggression”.
“The Russian occupiers will be legally and justly responsible for all war crimes,” the Ukrainian leader wrote.
The comments did not share Zelensky’s point of view.
One of the readers wrote: “Ukraine would like to place NATO bases on its territory, and become an aggressor country.”

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“Why should I participate in this? This conflict must end, or we will end just because someone wants to play the hero. Why doesn’t he go to war if he doesn’t want negotiations so much, but sends citizens,” the user asked.
The commentator lashed out at Zelensky: “The actor reads from a sheet of paper. Forgive us, those who see a money laundering scam, we are sincerely worried about the fate of innocent people whom you have sentenced to death for the sake of profit.”
“You cannot risk the whole world because you consider yourself a hero. Think, the more you ignore negotiations with Russia, the more you risk. The Third World War can start only because of you and your stubborn unwillingness to negotiate with Russia,” even the discussion.
Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the West is following a path of deliberate escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, supplying Kiev with all new heavy weapons, and therefore NATO countries are involved in Kiev’s illegal actions. Prior to this, the DRC began creating a single database that would record war crimes committed by Ukrainian forces in the Donbass.

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