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Zelensky’s Hysteria at the EU Summit Announced by Journalist


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Moscow, March 24 – Speaking at the EU summit in a very blunt and emotional manner, Volodymyr Zelensky demanded immediate arms supplies, Anna van Dinsky, a journalist with European diplomacy and a Brussels-based member of the International Press Association, said, citing colleagues familiar with the situation. .
According to Van Dinsky, who posted a video from the EU press center on her YouTube channel, Zelensky was given the floor during the discussions at the summit, and he was involved in the negotiations. At the same time, journalists “closely connected with diplomats” reported that Zelensky spoke surrounded by the Ukrainian military, and his speech was very emotional. He stated that if military aid was not provided immediately, then “there simply will be no one” to provide it.
“That is, he asked the question directly, he was very sharp, very emotional, and therefore his speech was not published,” Van Densky said, noting that there were no footage of Zelensky’s speech on his social networks at the time of its recording. video. At the same time, Zelensky later posted a video message dedicated to the EU summit, but there he was caught alone in a train car.

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The journalist added, “Most likely, this speech will not appear, because he actually expressed his thoughts in a very harsh manner, because he believes that all these political statements are worth nothing if no action is taken.”
In a video message published the day before and dedicated to the European summit, Zelensky complained about the lack of new successes in supporting Ukraine and the delay in making the decisions Kiev needs. He criticized the significant delay in the supply of long-range missiles, the failure to make a decision to transfer modern Western aircraft to Kiev, the imposition of new sanctions on Russia, as well as the delay in taking decisions on the country’s integration into Europe.
European Union leaders at a summit in Brussels on Thursday endorsed a plan to speed up munitions transfers to Ukraine, joint procurement and an increase in military production. Earlier, the heads of the EU Foreign and Defense Ministries agreed at the political level on a plan that provides for the supply of one million ammunition to Ukraine over the next twelve months, as well as joint procurement and production operations to replenish their stocks and continue deliveries. To Ukraine in the medium term.

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