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Zelensky’s New Plan Met with Strong Warning from United States


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Moscow, April 5 – The Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to continue hostilities if they launch an active offensive, US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis wrote in an article for 19FortyFive.
He said, “It is clear that Kiev is concerned that if the offensive fails, they may lose. However, Ukraine’s leaders should be more worried about being defeated even if they succeed temporarily.”
According to the military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will use their last remaining forces to conduct offensive operations. At the same time, Ukraine is already struggling to cope with mobilization, and active actions will lead to the loss of trained and experienced military personnel.

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The author concluded that “Ukraine will not be able to compare with Russia in terms of the number of personnel.”
Added to this problem is the fact that Russia’s domestic military-industrial capacity is rapidly expanding and producing weapons and ammunition that could exceed what the West could provide collectively to the Kiev regime in the medium term, Davis warned.

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