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Apple Pay’s Philanthropic Initiative: Donate to National Park Foundation with Every Transaction


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Apple Pay to Donate to The National Park Foundation

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Apple announced that it would contribute $10 to the National Park Foundation for every transaction made in the United States using Apple Pay on, in the Apple Store app, or at an Apple Store, up to a maximum donation of $1 million.

Continued Support for National Parks

Since 2017, Apple has provided financial assistance to the National Park Foundation through support for this yearly philanthropic project. This year’s program iteration begins today and continues until August 27.

Celebrating National Parks

Throughout August, Apple honors the national parks of the United States by distributing unique content on its Apple Maps, Apple Podcasts, and other apps. In addition, Apple Watch users can unlock a unique national parks award in the Fitness app on August 26. To do so, they will need to record an exercise that is at least 20 minutes long using any app that uploads workouts to the Health app.

This Week, Apple Pay Will Donate to The National Park Foundation of the United S ta tes_

Tim Cook’s Support for National Parks

Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, avidly supports national parks. The previous year, he stated that the parks create a “sense of awe, tranquility, and quiet reverence only nature can inspire” and highlighted that they are “well worth protecting, today and for every generation to come.”

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