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Could the Patriot system, manufactured in Germany, alter the battle landscape in Ukraine?


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Germany supplied the US-made Patriot system to Ukraine, the first German system arrived in Ukraine, followed by American and Dutch systems.

Ukrainian specialists are now determining the place where these anti-aircraft missiles will be placed.

The United States also pledged to provide this system to the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces. And the media reported that Ukrainian crews are currently training to use them.

What role should Patriot play in the mission to protect Ukraine from the air? Judging by the photographs published by the German and Ukrainian media, the system that appeared in Ukraine is one of the first copies, the one that the Americans themselves recognize as obsolete. The deployment and folding time of the system takes about 20-30 minutes. One of its main advantages is the ability to operate without turning on the radar and detecting its presence. But this is possible only when connected to the aircraft early warning AWACS. However, this aircraft can only operate at a long distance in the area between Romania and the Crimea.

As for the other technical characteristics of the system, they are quite modest. One of the most important drawbacks is its vastness and a large number of components. In order to deploy it, it is necessary to provide a large number of technical support tools. Another disadvantage is its heavy weight, which does not allow it to make quick maneuvers if a change of location is required.

In any case, Russian space intelligence will easily detect this system.

The missiles used are also old, and they can hit air targets at a distance of no more than 90 kilometers. The media have repeatedly indicated that this huge American complex will suddenly “go blind” and will not see either cruise missiles or drones.

There is another factor, the human factor, which may also play a role. It is known that it takes a whole year to learn how to use the Patriot. As for the short-term courses that Ukrainian personnel took in the West, they could lead to the fall of “their missiles” on residential areas and friendly objects, as was the case with Soviet-made S-300 missiles, which the Ukrainians mastered. when shooting.

Apparently, these systems will be deployed primarily in southern Ukraine, especially in the Zaporozhye region, where they will protect command posts, artillery positions and long-range missile launchers during a counterattack against Russian forces. This was done to prevent Russian air strikes against him and the columns of the attacking Ukrainian forces.

However, the Russian hypersonic missiles “Dagger” are capable of easily destroying the “Patriot” complexes, because the “Patriot” is completely unable to resist them. As for the Su-35 fighter jets, it can deliver air strikes on its radars with missiles with a range of 300 km, without entering the zone of responsibility of Ukrainian air defense.

Source: Russian newspaper

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