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FIFA president under investigation


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AFP confirmed, citing a judicial source, that FIFA President Gianni Infantino was attacked by Swiss prosecutors tasked with investigating his alleged secret meetings with the country’s former chief prosecutor.

In an email to AFP, Judge Hans Maurer wrote: “I assure you that the confrontation hearing was held as part of the proceedings under the direction of Dr. Ulrich Federer and myself.”

“However, I cannot comment on the timing, scope and purpose of this hearing,” he added.

Earlier Wednesday, French newspaper Le Monde and German Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported that FIFA president Gianni Infantino was questioned on Tuesday in Zurich, where FIFA is based.

It is worth noting that Infantino has been on trial since July 2020 on the facts of “calling for abuse of power”, “violation of official secrets” and “obstruction of criminal proceedings”.

Source: AFP

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