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India Successfully Tests New Anti-Tank Missile Systems


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The media reported that on March 28, the Indian company Bharat Dynamics tested the BDL Amogha-III advanced anti-tank missile system.

According to available information, the missiles that these systems are equipped with operate on a fire-and-forget principle, and its 18-kilogram missile is equipped with a two-stage solid propellant engine, and has a warhead capable of identifying and dealing with targets using thermal imaging methods and optical methods. IIR images.

Targets in new systems are identified before the missile is launched from them, and the missile after its launch can hit the target from above or horizontally.

The missiles of the new complexes are capable of penetrating the armor of combat vehicles up to 650 mm thick, equipped with dynamic protection, hit targets at distances from 200 to 2500 meters, and their launchers can be mounted on tripods. , or placed on trucks and military vehicles.

Source: Telegram/Dambeev

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