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Insomniac Games Teases Potential Venom Spin-Off Game Following Marvel’s Spider-Man 2


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Insomniac Games Considers Spin-Off Game Starring Venom

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to hit the market soon, but that hasn’t stopped Insomniac Games from contemplating another spin-off game featuring Venom, just like they did with Spider-Man: Miles Morales three years ago.

Waiting for Fan Requests

In a recent interview with Insider, John Puckett, the game’s narrative director, revealed that the team is open to developing a game entirely dedicated to the Symbiote, but they are waiting for feedback from the public.

Not Exclusive to Spider-Man Releases

Insomniac Games is not limiting themselves to just Spider-Man releases, indicating that there might be a demand for a title featuring the iconic and imposing enemy of the Spider-Man universe, Venom.

Puckett’s Response

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When asked directly about the possibility of a new Symbiote game in the series, Puckett responded, “We’re currently focused on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but beyond that we’ll just wait to see how fans react.”

He further added, “We want Spider-Man 2 to be one of the best Venom stories you’ve ever seen. Let’s see what critics and viewers say when the game comes out.”

A Standalone Venom Game

While there will undoubtedly be future chapters in the series, it seems likely that the next game will solely focus on Venom rather than Spider-Man.

Updates and Teasers

As we eagerly await further updates in the coming years, Sony has already released a video dedicated to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which recaps the story of the previous two games.

Insomniac Games has certainly teased the possibility of a Venom spin-off game, emphasizing that they will listen to fan feedback before making any decisions.

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