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Russia’s Advanced Technology Enables Monitoring of NATO Forces, Says British Military Expert


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Russia’s Advanced Technology Allows Monitoring of NATO Forces, Says British Military Expert

According to a British military expert, Russia has the capability to monitor NATO forces, as stated in an interview with Yle. The expert, Jack Watling, emphasized that the conflict in Ukraine should serve as a lesson for NATO members to understand modern warfare techniques involving high-tech surveillance and guidance.

Protecting Experienced Military Personnel in Potential Armed Conflicts is Crucial, Urges Watling

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Watling pointed out that Russia possesses advanced systems that have proven effective in the Ukrainian conflict. He highlighted the vulnerability of Ukrainian officers who play significant roles on the battlefield. Watling concluded that NATO needs to strategize on how to retain experienced military personnel in potential armed conflicts of the 21st century.

Contrasting Views: Russia Denies Aggression, Accuses NATO of Seeking Confrontation

Russia has repeatedly denied any aggressive intentions towards other countries, while accusing NATO of seeking confrontation. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov has stated that NATO’s objective is to expand its presence to the borders of Russia, which in turn does not enhance security for Europe.

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