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Sony Confirms Departure of Longtime Executive Connie Booth: A Look at Her Significant Contributions to PlayStation Studios


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Sony Confirms Departure of Longtime Executive Connie Booth

Sony has officially announced that after more than 30 years with the company, Connie Booth, one of the most important figures for PlayStation Studios, has left the company. The news was confirmed by Sony in a farewell message to Booth, expressing gratitude for her countless contributions and well-wishes for her future endeavors.

Confirmation of the Departure

Stephen Totilo, a journalist for Axios Gaming, shared the official confirmation of Connie Booth’s departure on Twitter. Sony’s message acknowledged Booth’s departure and expressed appreciation for her many contributions to the company.

Recognition from Developers

David Scott Jaffe, known for his work on God of War, was among the first to report on Connie Booth’s departure. Many developers, including Jaffe, praised Booth’s work. Although her future plans are unknown, the studios she oversaw will be divided among current executives, with Angie Smets working with Sucker Punch and Scott Rohde with Insomniac, among others.

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A Prominent Career

Connie Booth has been with PlayStation almost since its inception. As a producer, she played a significant role in the creation of several major successes for the company, including The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, and Sly Cooper, among many others.

In my @axios Today, Sony’s gaming newsletter confirms the departure of longtime domestic production head Connie Booth

“We are grateful for Connie’s many contributions to the company and wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

— Stephen Totilo (@stephentotilo) October 26, 2023

Credit @davidscottjaffe for first noticing Booth’s departure. One of the many developers who sang her praises.

It’s unclear what she will do next, but Hulst said the studios she led will be split among current executives. Angie Smets will work with Sucker Punch, Scott Rohde with Insomniac, etc.

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