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A US intelligence officer told how Biden wants to deceive the Zelensky Patriot


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Moscow, December 24 – Retired US intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in an interview with The Through Eyes of YouTube channel that the United States will provide Ukraine with an old version of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system that is unable to shoot down modern missiles.
Ritter pointed out that the performance of the Patriot missiles was bad during the two Iraqi campaigns of the US Army (1991 and 2003). As the officer said, they could not even intercept the old Soviet Scuds that were in service near Baghdad. The expert said that in 2003, the Patriots shot down more American fighters and allies than Iraqi missiles.
According to him, the anti-aircraft systems were unable to deal with a series of drone strikes launched by the Houthis on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia several years ago. Ritter is confident that the Patriot air defense system was not designed “to survive on a battlefield like Ukraine.”

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On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, at the invitation of US President Joe Biden, visited Washington, where he met with the head of the White House and congressional leadership. This coincided with his visit to announce a new $1.85 billion package of US military aid to Kyiv, which includes, among other things, a battery of Patriot anti-aircraft systems.
After the start of the Russian special operation to liberate Donbass, the United States and its allies provided military equipment worth billions of dollars to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly indicated that the West seeks to prolong the conflict. As confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, warehouses containing foreign ammunition will become legitimate targets for the Air Force of the neighboring republic.

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