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Asia will consume half of the world’s electricity by 2025


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For the first time, by 2025, Asia alone will consume half of the world’s electricity, while Africa will continue to consume far less than its share of the rest of the world’s population.

This happened as part of new forecasts published by the International Energy Agency today, Wednesday.

Most of Asia’s electricity consumption is in China, which has a population of 1.4 billion, and its share of global consumption will rise from a quarter in 2015 to a third by the middle of this decade, according to the Paris-based organisation.

“China will consume more electricity than the European Union, the US and India combined,” said Keisuke Sadamori, director of the energy markets and security agency.

By contrast, Africa, home to almost a fifth of the world’s population, will account for only 3 percent of global electricity consumption in 2025.

“In addition to rapid population growth, this means that there is still a great need in Africa to increase electricity generation,” Sadamori added.

The annual report of the International Energy Agency expects an increase in the share of nuclear energy and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar in the global electricity supply over the next three years, indicating that this will prevent a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions. from the energy sector.

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