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Critics Slam Five Nights at Freddy’s Film, Hurting Video Game’s Reputation


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It’s already catastrophic, the first returns for the film Five Nights at Freddy’s are hurting the video game

Already released in the United States, the film Five Nights at Freddy’s, based on the game of the same name, really doesn’t seem to have won over the critics. Currently, Emma Tammi’s horror feature has a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. For the media, it would be a disappointing horror film because of a direction that does not work for a work of this genre. It must be said that the project has a PG-13 classification, prohibited at least thirteen years of age, which means that it remains for the general public and cannot have great horrific ambition. But if the reviews are not good, the story is very different for fans of the saga. While waiting for the publication of the score on the spectator side, we remind you that the film will be released on November 8 here.

“SF…” but not as you imagine, the new series from the director of Breaking Bad will be “without crime and without meth”!

After the success of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, their creator, Vince Giligan, is already working on a new project. End of September, we learned that this series would be broadcast on Apple TV+ and that it could count on Rhea Seehorn in the lead. Better Call Saul fans know her well, as she plays Rhea Seehorn on the show. As for the new unnamed program, we just know that Vince Giligan will have an important role because he is both showrunner and executive producer. But in an interview with Variety, the latter tells us that it will be a SF series, “but rather light science fiction” and which will still take place in Albuquerque, but without crime or methamphetamine this time. Additionally, Giligan adds that the world will change abruptly in the first episode and those consequences will cause drama in subsequent episodes. We can’t wait to find out all this, but we’ll have to be patient since filming is planned for this winter.

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This film completely forgotten by the public with Robin Williams attracts tourists to Malta!

It was in 1981 that the film Popeye was released, adapted from the famous comic strip by EC Segar. In the role of the big-haired hero, we find Robin Williams while Shelley Duvall plays his wife, Olive. If the feature film had rather disappointing results for its producers, Paramount, it nevertheless brought happiness to a country: Malta. Indeed, for the production of the film, 165 workers spent 7 months building the set in 1979, which gave birth to the fishing village where the entire plot takes place. In total, around twenty buildings were constructed. But after the film was shot, the set was abandoned… then recovered by the locals. So, Maltese tourism has developed the place into an amusement park that can still be visited. It just goes to show that nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

If you’ve been waiting for a fourth Fantastic Beasts film, we have bad news for Harry Potter fans

At the microphone of the Inside Total Film podcast, David Yates, the director of Harry Potter 5 to 8 as well as Fantastic Three Beasts, has declared that the wizarding universe is not about to return to the big screen. “With Fantastic Beasts, everything is at a standstill. We shot these three films, the last one during a pandemic, and it was a lot of fun, but also very difficult. We filmed when there was no vaccine. Fortunately, no one got sick, but we had the most detailed protocols in place”. Beyond these difficult production conditions, the film only grossed $400 million at the worldwide box office and suffered from numerous controversies surrounding its actors like Johnny Depp (replaced by Mads Mikkelsen) or Ezra Miller. However, Harry Potter fans are reminded that a series is planned for HBO Max which will readapt the events of the original books.

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