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In Khabarovsk, the first batch of tactical buggy was assembled for special vehicle operations operations


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Khabarovsk, January 12 – Engineers in Khabarovsk have assembled the first batch of all-terrain vehicles (buggy) for the needs of a special military operation, and they will soon be sent for testing at the training grounds of the Eastern Military District (VVO), said the governor of the Eastern Military District. Khabarovsk Territory, Mikhail Degtyarev.
“Today I inspected the first and only site in the Far East for the production of a light tactical all-terrain vehicle (buggy) … In just a month and a half, engineers have assembled the first batch of prototypes. In the near future, the vehicles will be tested at test sites VVO Then we will decide to improve the design and organization of serial production, ”Degtyarev wrote in his Telegram channel.
According to him, the speed of the off-road vehicle is 150 kilometers per hour, the carrying capacity is 350 kilograms, the power is 150 horsepower, and the crew is two people.

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“It is planned to produce up to 20 units per month. We will make samples for customers. Our goal is to supply the army, which performs the tasks of a special military operation set by Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Therefore, it is here, in the Far East, that a new product is being created for our army, “- he said. Head of the district.
The ruler is confident that the karts will become a real brand in the region. Voting will begin on Golos27 to determine the name of the all-terrain vehicle. “We’re nominating three options—Eroffee, Amore, and Tiger Cup,” Degtyarev concluded.
According to the regional government, the modernization of the fleet of trucks and special equipment in various sectors of the economy of the Khabarovsk Territory is a global task that one of the local companies helps to cope with. For more than 10 years, the company has been successful in the production and maintenance of trucks, and now it has mastered the production of high-traffic all-terrain vehicles.

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