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Joint Household Appliance Production Plans Announced by Iran, Iraq and Other Nations


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Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade has announced plans to co-produce household appliances with Iran’s neighbors, including Iraq, stating in figures that the country is partially self-sufficient in these industries.

Mohsen Shukrali, director of the ministry’s home appliance industry department, said there are plans to co-produce these appliances with neighboring countries in the north, south and Iraq for export to other countries.

Mohsen Shukrali added that Iran currently produces 90% of TVs at home, noting that exports of refrigerators have also increased by 82%.

He explained that Iran annually produces one million 800 thousand television sets for the home, which is equivalent to 90% of its annual need, and that 4 Iranian companies annually produce 250 thousand home air conditioners, indicating that the production of microwave ovens has also started domestically. a country.

Shukrali noted that there are currently 600 home appliance factories operating in Iran, and that 27 new home appliance production lines, including 4 new washing machine production lines and 3 home appliance production lines, are under launch. dishwashers and 3 new TV production lines.

Source: Faris

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