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Moldova Rejects Opening Representative Office in Turkey: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Decision


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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova Rejects Opening of Representative Office in Turkey

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova has disapproved the proposal made by Evgenia Gutsul, the head of the Gagauz Autonomous Region, to establish a representative office in Turkey for the region.

Negotiations with Turkish Foreign Minister

Gutsul had discussions with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, during which she expressed her intention to open a representative office for the Gagauzia company in Turkey.

Lack of International Recognition

According to the press, Gagauzia’s autonomy is an integral part of Moldova, and the country already has a diplomatic mission in Turkey. Since Gagauzia is not recognized as a subject of international law, it is not permitted to establish official or diplomatic missions in other countries.

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Election of Evgenia Gutsul

Hutsul was elected as the president of the self-government this spring, representing the Shour Party, an opposition party in the country. However, the Moldovan authorities declared the political force unconstitutional, accused it of illegal financing, and initiated criminal cases against its leaders.

Challenges Faced by Gagauzia

Experts in Chisinau suggest that the ruling “Action and Solidarity” party, aligned with the president, will continue to exert pressure on Gagauzia, accusing it of “separatism.” In the past, when protests erupted in the region against rising prices, the central authorities conducted a demonstration exercise for special police forces.

Different Perspectives on Foreign Policy

Gagauzia has traditionally favored closer ties with Russia, while Chisinau has pursued European integration. In a referendum held in February 2014, over 98% of participants in the autonomous region supported Moldova’s integration into the Customs Union.

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