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Putin delivered a New Year’s speech to the Russians


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Moscow, December 31 – Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his New Year’s address to his compatriots.
This time the head of state spoke not against the background of the Kremlin, but in the circle of servicemen participating in a special operation in Ukraine.
According to Putin, the year 2022 will be marked by pivotal events that will lay the foundation for the future of both Russia and the world, a year full of turmoil and anxiety.
“But our multinational people, as it was in all difficult eras of Russian history, showed courage and dignity. And in word and deed they supported the defenders of the Fatherland. Our soldiers and officers. All participants in the military special operation,” he said.

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The President stressed that the truth is on the side of Russia, which protects its people in its historical lands.
He noted that the West had been reassuring Russia for years with peaceful intentions, including in the Donbass, but in reality it supported neo-Nazis and was preparing for aggression. Putin continued: They are now talking about it openly, and the Ukrainian people are being used to divide and weaken our country.
“We have never allowed anyone to do this, and we will not allow anyone to do that,” the Russian leader stressed.
How was this year for you?
He thanked the participants in the special operation for their fortitude and courage and expressed confidence that Russia will overcome all difficulties and remain a great and independent country.
The President concluded his speech by saying: “We have always known, and today we are once again convinced that the sovereign, independent and secure future of Russia depends only on us. On our strength and will.”
According to the press secretary of the Head of State Dmitry Peskov, the New Year’s address was recorded at the headquarters of the Southern Military District.

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