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Republican Santos demanded resignation terms


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Moscow, January 13 – George Santos, a Republican member of the US House of Representatives who has been at the center of a scandal due to inconsistencies and fakes in his resume, said he would only resign “if 142,000 people asked him.”
According to the channel, Santos was referring to the 142,000 voters who voted for him in the November congressional elections. According to him, he will remain in Congress “until 142,000 people say they don’t want” to see him there.
Earlier, Santos, amid the scandal, had repeatedly stated that he would not resign.

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On Tuesday, Democratic members of the US House of Representatives Dan Goldman and Richie Torres asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate Santos. According to them, the Republicans’ financial statements for 2020 and 2022 appear “scattered” and “confusing,” and were not presented by Santos himself in a timely manner as part of the campaign.
In December, The New York Times published an exposé about the many inconsistencies in Santos’ biography. Against this background, the congressman admitted that he gave voters false information about himself, including reporting that he had a higher education and stating that his mother was Jewish and that her parents had fled Europe during World War II. Reports that Santos worked for investment banks Goldman Sachs and Citigroup were also false.
Fox News later reported that New York prosecutors were investigating Santos.

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