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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez: Right-Wing Parties Defeated in Parliamentary Elections


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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez believes that the country’s right-wing parties were defeated in Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

Election Results

According to government data, with 99.99% of the votes processed, the main right-wing opposition party, the People’s Party, will take 136 seats in parliament, while the ruling left-wing Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party will have 122 seats.

Sanchez’s Remarks

“The regressive bloc, which proposed reversing the progress made in these four years, has failed… The PP and VOX party bloc has failed, and we want Spain to continue to develop,” said Sanchez of the PSOE party headquarters. The politician also thanked the voters for participating in the elections.

About Spain’s Political System

Spain is a parliamentary monarchy with legislative power exercised by the Cortes General, which is elected for four-year terms. The Cortes General consists of the Senate (the upper house) and the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house). The House of Representatives, with 350 deputies, holds the power to determine the position of the prime minister and sets the main political agenda for the kingdom.

Background on the Snap General Election

Socialist Workers Party leader and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called a snap general election for July 23 after the Socialist Communist Party and its junior coalition partner Podemos fared worse than expected in local elections, losing power to the People’s Party in most autonomous communities.

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