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The Special Operation that Utilized Wandering Mortars by the Ministry of Defense


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Moscow, March 11 – The Russian Ministry of Defense has released footage of combat actions of crews of “wandering mortars” in the Western Military District, which were called up as part of partial mobilization, while they were performing shooting missions in the area of ​​a special military operation.
Their crews use 120-mm mortars, which are designed to destroy manpower located in open spaces or in shelters, as well as firearms, command and control posts, weapons and military equipment of the enemy. These mortars are distinguished by the fact that no special preparation of positions is required for firing from them.
Russian soldiers scout enemy positions with the help of drones. Support the advancing infantry crews, destroy the enemy’s open observation and strongholds, strike the Ukrainian army’s manpower and light armored vehicles.

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The method of action called “roving mortars” was called in the military department one of the most effective. It consists in a quick change – literally in a matter of minutes, in the firing position. At the same time, the speed and accuracy of accurately hitting targets is achieved by adjusting fire with the help of a drone.
“roving” crews operate within a few kilometers of enemy positions. At the same time, it is not easy to identify them. According to the gunner Sergey, the crew uses camouflage so as not to be noticed by the enemy. Basically, infantry and light armored vehicles are fired at.
“People have a fighting spirit, and everyone wants to get ahead. We also look at other guys who are also working, and we are also happy with their successes … Relatives support, friends constantly ask if they need any help. But, in principle, we are provided With everything, everything is in abundance, so everything is good in that regard.”

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