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The TV presenter calculated what the United States could do with the money allocated for Kiev


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Moscow, February 24 – He said that the money the United States sent to the Kiev regime should have been spent on solving internal problems Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.
“The conflict in Ukraine is the focus of the entire American government, all branches of government, and both parties. Meanwhile, our economy is tanking, and huge corporations are laying off thousands of people, but the Ukraine conflict is a major expense,” Carlson said.
The broadcaster calculated that a total of $123 billion has been promised by Kiev for this year, on top of the $113 billion already approved, for a total of more than $200 billion. Even at $100 billion, Carlson believes, the United States could upgrade its rail system to avoid 1,000 train derailments each year and prevent a chemical disaster in Ohio. The $100 billion figure is five times the Department of Transportation’s budget, Tucker Carlson admires.

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“With this money, we can do important things in the long run, like building a wall along our southern border. This would save hundreds of thousands of Americans by preventing drug traffickers from entering the country. Then we wouldn’t have a cartel war in Texas and Arizona.” – said the TV presenter.
The White House said the United States has already begun providing $9.9 billion in economic aid to Ukraine. It is noted that this amount is transferred through the mechanism of the World Bank.

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