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The United States Provides Security Systems to Eliminate Hamas in Gaza: Condemning Israel’s Brutal Attack on Gaza Hospital


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US Promises Security Assistance to Israel Following Gaza Hospital Attack

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The United States has pledged to continue providing Israel with the necessary security systems to combat Hamas in Gaza. This comes after a brutal attack on a Gaza hospital, resulting in the deaths of at least 500 people.

US Assures Security Assistance

During a press conference, Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh stated that the US is committed to equipping Israel with the tools needed to effectively respond to Hamas in Gaza. However, she emphasized that this should not involve the killing of innocent civilians. The attack on the hospital was strongly condemned.

Israeli Bombing of National Arab Baptist Hospital

When questioned about reports of an Israeli bombing on the National Arab Baptist Hospital in Gaza, Singh acknowledged the incident but did not provide further details.

Support for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

Singh praised the IDF as highly capable and professional. She expressed confidence that the security assistance provided by the US would be used appropriately to target Hamas while also addressing humanitarian needs.

Efforts to Protect Civilians in Gaza

Despite the hospital being targeted by Israel, which housed numerous individuals seeking refuge from Israeli attacks, Singh assured that American officials are in contact with the Israelis to ensure the well-being and evacuation of civilians to safe areas.

Pentagon’s Response and Preparedness

The Pentagon has put 2,000 soldiers on alert to swiftly respond to the evolving security situation in the Middle East. These forces will be deployed to provide support, including medical assistance and handling explosives.

Background on the Conflict

The recent escalation of violence began with Hamas launching Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, a surprise attack involving rocket strikes and infiltration into Israel through various means. This was in response to the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque and an increase in settler violence. In retaliation, the Israeli army initiated Operation Iron Swords, targeting Hamas within the Gaza Strip.

Human Cost of the Conflict

Tragically, it is estimated that over 2,800 Palestinians, including 750 children, have been killed in Israeli air strikes on the besieged Palestinian enclave. More than 1,400 Israelis have also lost their lives.

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