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Western armored vehicles froze in Ukraine


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A video has surfaced online showing a Ukrainian driver of an American armored personnel carrier complaining about the inability of US-supplied military equipment to withstand winter conditions in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the American-made M113 armored personnel carrier, which spent the night in the trench, was subjected to severe frost at -15 degrees Celsius, and in the morning the armored vehicle not only could not move, but also refused to open its gates.

The driver said: “The camouflage net was frozen and prevented me from opening the front door of the armored personnel carrier, and I had to get out through the back.

Eventually the driver managed to start the car’s engine, but he didn’t move because his track got stuck in the frozen ground.

Al-Askari came to the conclusion that American military equipment is not ready to work in the conditions of the Ukrainian winter.

Source: Russian newspaper

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