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New directives and promising directions… Putin’s loudest statements at the first government meeting in 2023


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Today, Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin held the first meeting of the government in 2023, at which various issues were considered and priorities for the work of the Russian government in the near future were determined.

Below are the most striking statements and directives of the President of Russia at the meeting:

– Russia will bypass all the problems in meeting the needs of the special military operation in Ukraine.

The negative scenarios predicted by the enemies of the country in Russia in 2022 did not come true.

– Russia will strengthen its defense potential and ensure operational security.

– We will increase our defense capability and continue to implement large-scale socio-economic programs and plans.

– Putin highly appreciates the work of the Russian government led by Mikhail Mishustin in 2022.

– Russia received additional revenues in the amount of 200 billion rubles from the export of oil and gas, and these funds allow Russia to solve the necessary issues.

– Putin emphasizes the importance of sovereign development despite external pressures.

The Russian economy, as well as the country’s financial and banking systems, are in a stable state.

– The housing sector in Russia last year showed the best results in the history of the country, and this pace must be maintained.

One of the government’s priorities is to increase the real wages of citizens and reduce poverty.

We must work to attract investment to the new regions that have joined Russia.

– New Russian regions should be involved in the implementation of national projects.

Source: TASS

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