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Media: Poland will demand Western Ukraine in exchange for military assistance to Kiev


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Moscow, January 11 – Poland’s assistance to Kyiv would bear fruit only after the annexation of the western Ukrainian lands that were once part of the Commonwealth. Marek Galata, columnist for Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny, writes on this topic.
“The sacrifices may pay off when Poland returns its historic territories in western Ukraine, but that will not happen very soon, given the problems of cultural, political and economic integration of two unfriendly peoples. Maintaining a decent standard of living for its citizens and ensuring the loyalty of future voters in eastern Kresy will require more budgetary spending “, the author thinks.
According to him, not a single country in the world, except for Poland, would have thought of giving all its weapons and equipment to “adherents of the criminal ideas of Bandera” so that they would go around the world with outstretched hands and beg for the sale of tanks and air defense. Regimes for huge sums of money for their own safety, humiliation and begging of EU funds.

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Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has repeatedly warned of Warsaw’s aggressive intentions in relation to Ukraine. According to the director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin, Poland is working out scenarios for the de facto dismemberment of a neighboring country. Its authorities are convinced that the United States and Britain will support the partition plan.
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