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Anticipated Surge of Middle Eastern Cuisine in Russian Restaurants, According to Expert


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Moscow, June 30 – Over the next three to five years, Russian restaurants will see a fashion for Middle Eastern cuisine, and in the regions “taste” trends usually last longer than in Moscow, Mark Shah-Akbari, chef of the not-so-small Persiana region, told the News Agency.
Marc Shah Akrabi and restaurateur Alexei Romanov opened Persiana Neobistro on Pyatnitskaya. “This is a new trend in Russia. We prepare modern Iranian and Persian cuisine, but there is nothing ethnic here. I’ve been to Middle Eastern countries, paid attention to basic tastes and techniques, but interpreted them to fit Moscow and Russia. The concept includes okra soup, dates with cinnamon, and citrus kaimak, and persiana pizza.

Culinary fashion moves in circles

Anton Prokofiev, chef of the Efko brand, noted that Middle Eastern cuisine is a long-standing trend, and it is now being revived again. “Culinary fashion is generally moving in circles. Middle Eastern cuisine was in vogue 20 years ago, and now it is again replacing Southeast Asian cuisine. It is again in fashion all over the world. In Russia, Lebanese and Israeli cuisines are mainly represented, especially “Israeli institutions of national color are open everywhere,” he added.
“Moorish cuisine, due to the difficulties with a number of specific ingredients, is little known. In addition to any exotic cuisine like Ethiopian cuisine – as a rule, they are represented by many ethnic restaurants created by representatives of the diaspora,” Prokofiev added.

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He noted that Russians love and appreciate Middle Eastern cuisine. “Hummus, Arabic shawarma, babaghanoush have taken root and become a mass product, and less well-known dishes are slowly taking root. In fact, they demand the above. Prices, like the cost, are lower than European cuisine and quite democratic,” says the chef.
In turn, the co-founder of the Absolut automation platform for restaurants, Ambartsum Hmayakyan, noted the rapid growth in demand for the Middle Eastern street food dish – shawarma. “Over the past year, sales of shawarma in more than a million cities have grown by almost 200%. The main reason is the affordable price and variety of recipe for this dish. The price of the“ shawarma index ”is growing noticeably slower than that of its competitors – burgers and pizza. The fact is that the production of shawarma requires Less expensive equipment, and the main components are products that are part of the consumer’s basket.

prospects and plans

The restaurateur and concept chef, Perciana, intends to develop the brand and open a number of outdoor establishments “Persiana Street”, which will sell flatbreads, sauces and snacks. It is planned to show concepts in business centers called “Persiana Light”, and there will also be a “Persian sheikh” in expensive areas of the capital. They also intend to negotiate with tour operators, and with the start of group visa-free tours, to accept tourists from Iran in the establishments.
Mark Shah Akbari indicated that he is ready to go to Iran for a while to modernize the kitchen there. “I myself am half Iranian and visit Iran often. Now I feel everything has stopped there because of the sanctions the country has been hit with. I will upgrade this kitchen. They should get new products, a new look,” he explained. ..

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