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Egypt… the discovery of a mysterious ancient cemetery where a child and 142 dogs are buried


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The website of the Egyptian Research Center at the Russian Academy of Sciences reports that archaeologists have found a tomb in the cemetery of the Faiyum oasis, in which a child and 142 dogs were buried.

According to scientists, this cemetery belongs to the Roman era, the first century BC – the first century AD.

“The buried child is 8-9 years old and was placed over the bodies of 142 dogs of various ages, 87 percent of which are puppies,” the center said in a statement posted on its website.

It is reported that earlier scientists found one grave in the elite cemetery in Hierakonpolis, in which a child with dogs was buried.

According to the statement, “These graves discovered by the center’s specialists are not typical of Egypt. The burial of a large group of dogs may testify to the religious and magical ideas of the Egyptians and foreigners who lived in the Fayum, which developed into new rituals.

Zoologist Galina Belova, after studying the remains of animals, said that they all died at the same time and no traces of violence were found against them. Sourced from Heritage Daily magazine.

The researchers found on the bodies of animals the presence of blue clay, which was present in the reservoirs of ancient Egypt. So they think she drowned because of the flood.

But the existence of the child in the grave remains a mystery. Maybe because he cared about dogs. However, the presence of a linen bag on his head also baffled scientists.

It is noteworthy that archaeologists have previously found a similar bag on the head of a deceased person in a tomb. However, an arrow was found in the region of the heart, which indicated that he was most likely executed. According to Heritage Daily

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