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Sudden Heart Palpitations After Drinking Alcohol: A Potential Sign of Serious Illness, Says Cardiovascular Specialist


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Heart Palpitations After Drinking Alcohol: A Potential Sign of Serious Illness

According to Dr. Alexey Utin, a specialist in cardiovascular medicine and surgery, sudden heart palpitations after drinking alcohol may indicate a potentially serious illness.

The Warning Signs: Holiday Heart Syndrome

Dr. Utin points out that the same thing can happen the day after a weekend or holiday, which serves as a red flag for a potentially serious condition, including a major stroke.

Heart rhythm disturbances are commonly referred to as holiday heart syndrome, with the main disorder being atrial fibrillation. Patients who have experienced holiday heart syndrome often describe it as feeling like their heart is “jumping out of their chest.”

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These symptoms may be accompanied by sudden general weakness and sometimes pain in the chest area. One of the serious complications of atrial fibrillation is the formation of a blood clot in the atrium. If such symptoms appear, it is advised to call an ambulance as soon as possible.

The Aftermath: Unpleasant Changes

According to Dr. Utin, unpleasant changes are sometimes recorded the next night or the day after drinking alcohol.

Dr. Tamaz Gaglushvili confirms that even drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can cause irregular heartbeat. He recommends that individuals who notice the appearance of irregular contractions after consuming even small doses of alcohol should completely abstain from drinking alcohol throughout their life.


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